About Us

Ironsmith Alabai is our small, family-run kennel located in beautiful Port Dover, Ontario, Canada. Our home is in the country, surrounded by farm fields and woodlots. We enjoy the quiet privacy of our rural setting; Mishka and Nikita enjoy keeping watch over the property and alerting us to any "goings on". They are both equally happy accompanying us on a long hike or laying on the couch while we take in a Leafs game. They are truly part of our family and very special to us.

We do not consider dog breeding to be a source of income, nor are we running a commercial scale kennel. We are focused on quality over quantity. For us, breeding is about bettering the state of the Central Asian Shepherd breed in Canada, where finding puppies from health tested parents is next to impossible. We are extremely selective in our pairings and will not sell a dog to the wrong home, no matter the price.

My husband, DJ, is a Journeyman Ironworker and a master fabricator. If you can dream it, he can build it (and weld it!). He owned Alapaha Blueblood Bulldogs for many years before we imported Mishka and Nikita.

I (Meredith) work in the wind energy industry, usually during the construction phase of new wind farms. For over a decade, I owned Presa Canario. My first Presa was severely epileptic and had to be put to sleep at 1 year old; this is why HEALTH is the #1 priority in our kennel. I do not want anyone to go through that same heartbreaking experience that I did.

Our daughter, Reegan, is an animal lover who aspires to become a Veterinarian someday. She has a huge heart and shares a deep bond with Mishka. Reegan is always safe when Mishka and Nikita are nearby! 

Get to Know Us

Feel free to email, call or text us to learn more about our family and our kennel. Be sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook as well! "An Ironsmith Alabai is not the dog for everyone; but it may be the dog for you."